Ayurveda offers Ayurvedic massage, based on deep work with soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and internal organs). Active stimulation of blood and lymph occurs, the energy flow increases, the toxins that accumulate in the muscles are released and washed out by the blood stream.
Ayurvedic massage is done with a lot of oil with herbs (oil is selected individually). Ayurvedic massage uses more than 26 types of medicinal oils, each of which contains from 7 to 30 herbal medicinal components, which do not have a toxic effect on the liver, since they penetrate directly into the blood.


promotes general improvement of the body, restores the internal balance of energy, freeing up hidden reserves. After the massage, the general condition improves not only the person begins to think and act differently, as Ayurvedic massage activates the activity of the brain.


It is a technique of deep impact and energy reboot of the body. It is based on soft, but at the same time a deep pressure on marmas (in the translation from Sanskrit zone of life, especially sensitive points), bioenergetic centers of man. The impact on them during the massage restores the function of certain organs, helps to relax, and also removes energy blocks and strengthens the body.


strengthens the flow of blood to the head, helps nutrients reach the hair follicles, providing hair growth and health. Head massage stimulates the nervous system as a whole, strengthening the ability to resist stress. According to Ayurveda, applying oil to the head prevents hair loss and graying and at the same time gives them softness and shine.